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ACID Windy City Review & Giveaway

Posted: September 23, 2013 at 2:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (4)



Arrogant Burner: Windy City!

Dirty Larry: I’ve been smelling this all night because it smells so good…

AB: Two tone wrapper.

BBC: I can’t really smell much right now.

DL:  Well you are congested right now.I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the best ACID I’ve ever smelled.

AB: Ummm…

DL: It smells so good…

AB: It might be better than the blue label, just to smell. It may actually be better. I’ really excited to get into this one.

DL: There’s not really much information about the Windy City other than that Drew Estate made it for Arango. Not for flavors or anything.

AB: Like with most ACIDs there’s nothing official on the flavors. They don’t tell you.

DL: I just can’t stop smelling it…

BBC: I can’t smell that much but I’m liking what I’m getting.

DL: It smells so freakin’ awesome.

AB: I couldn’t tell you what I’m smelling.

DL: It’s sweet man. It just smells good. Ohhhh! Oh my Lord! That cold draw man!

AB: Mmm! It’s sweet.

DL: It’s got that Cold Infusion Tea flavor.

AB: A little bit of spice on the backend.

DL: I’m not getting the spice. I’m just getting that tea and the sweetness.

AB: Maybe some cocoa?

DL: Ahhh! I can taste the cocoa.

BBC: It almost tastes like a peach tea to me.

AB: Yeah!

DL: Yeah!

AB: It’s peach tea dude!

DL: You’re right. Oh man, that’s good.

First Light

DL: Once you light this bad boy up man, take a couple puffs, that spice hits you like a ton of bricks.

AB: That peach tea flavor went away with the spice. I can maybe see that it might come back once the spice mellows but, wow. I don’t know what it is that is just so kick-you-in-the-face spice.

BBC: It hits you, hard-on.

DL: Did you just say “hard-on”?

BBC: I did.

DL: Well, alright. Whatever makes you happy I guess.

AB: I like where this is going. The spice is mellowed, but it really packs it in.

DL: What? Really? Packs it in? Hard-on? What’s going on here?

AB: We’re married.

DL: Something else to note is that there was no chemical flavor. Usually with an infused cigar, you get a slight chemical taste at the start. If there was one, the spice overpowered it.

First Third

DL: Alright, so we are done wit the first third…and hot damn.

BBC: I agree 100%.

AB:  And my ash is hanging on, which for me is rare. At this point, about an inch plus of ash. Usually it falls off. The tea has come back. That peach tea,  Snapple flavor to me punctuated by chocolate.

DL: That cap man. That cap is so sweet. And the more you get that sweet off of it, the more it tastes like dark chocolate. If you lick it, it tastes like a dark chocolate.

BBC: It’s not really dark chocolate because it’s not bitter. It reminds me of like, you ate M&Ms earlier and that aftertaste is still in your mouth.

DL: And I know AB, you said that that peach tea flavor came back. I don’t taste it. Only on the cold draw. It’s very mellow.

AB: That spice still lingers in my throat.

DL: Definitely in your throat.

AB: I’m really curious to see what the flavor is like when we get to that tapa negra top to see if the flavors change. It’s a great looking cigar.

Halfway Point

DL: Alright, so we have all resuscitated this, just to see what would happen and we have differing opinions. But sort of the same.

BBC: No drastic change in flavor. I did get a little bit of spice.

AB: And I didn’t get any spice. What I got was a warming feel out of it. It’s not heat from the end of the cigar. It’s just a warm flavor.

DL:  And I got both. A little bit of that spice. Not overpowering. Like…like you licked a pepper. Not a hot pepper. And I can understand where that warmth flavor is coming from.

AB: I’m really enjoying the smoke. It’s a good burn.

BBC: I walked away for a few minutes and mine went out.

DL: This cigar is just sooooo goooood. I feel like it’s an orgasmic cigar.

BBC: I wouldn’t say that.

DL: I mean. I’m not having an orgasm.

AB: You definitely like the Subculture Studios more than I do certainly.

DL: Yeah!

AB: It’s definitely a good cigar. When I go back to Good Karma Cigars in Lubbock, I’ll buy some more.

DL: And I know you guys don’t agree with me. About the orgasmic comment. But it’s just a pleasurable cigar.

AB: Yeahhhhh…

Last Third and Afterthoughts

DL: I am …enjoying this cigar a little bit more than I should.

AB: Probably.

DL:  I’m humming like one of the seven dwarves going to work.

AB: He’s Horny the Dwarf.

DL: I think this is great.

AB:  I resuscitated it again. And that warmth came back. I really like this stick. I’m not a huge Subculture fan, don’t like the Toast, but this is good.

BBC: The spice has come back. And I get the taste like I’m almost drinking a Coke.

DL: No Coke for me.

AB: I’m not getting any spice. But I am getting that little bit of M&M almost. Like old M&Ms in your mouth.

DL: I don’t get Coke, I don’t get M&M.

AB: You don’t get Eminem? He’s a lyricist bro.

DL: Are we reviewing rap CDs?

AB: We can.

DL:  No we can’t. Let’s stick to cigars.There are definitely different flavors coming out of this Windy City. Coke, M&Ms, Warmth…I’m just getting enjoyment.

AB: You’re getting a warm feeling in your pants.

DL: We are essentially done.

AB: The flavor really died off. It hit that negra cap , the flavor goes away. It’s really a disappointment. Maybe they don’t intend for you to smoke it that far. It just doesn’t change when you hit that. Still a good smoke.

DL: Yeah. It is a disappointment. I have about half an inch left.It doesn’t really have that flavor in the first two thirds. As soon as it hits that tapa negra part, the flavor is done.

AB: It’s kind of like, when somebody told me what they thought about bourbon. It’s a drink that you have Christmas day, wearing an ugly sweater, and it’s cold. You take a swig, and it pretty much warms you from our throat, all the way down, to pretty much your testicles. It just warms you up. I feel like that’s what you get with this cigar. Great flavor, and a great experience.

DL: I put this cigar in my top 3. If I could get a box, I’d buy a box.

AB: Wow, that’s strong.

DL: Nobody else would?

BBC: No.

AB: I’ll buy onesies or twosies, but not a whole box. It’s not surprising that you would buy a box.

DL: I think they hit a home run with t his cigar. I think that we all agree, that for someone who is just starting, this is a damn good cigar.

BBC: I love it.

AB: With the spice, and the drop off of any discernible flavor at the end, I would say don’t start with it. GO with a blue label and move into this. THis was great.

BBC: It was a great stick through and through.


Dirty Larry: 9.5 out of 10
Arrogant Burner:  8 out of 10
BBC: 8.5 out of 10


We have 5 extra of these Windy City cigars that we are hiding from Dirty Larry and are going to give away to 5 different people. The rules? Give us some feedback on the site. We are starting this thing off and we want it to be enjoyable for you guys as much as it is for us. Leave a comment on this post, or leave a comment on the link to this review on Reddit and we’ll pick the best suggestions/criticisms/compliments and get in contact with the winner to send you your stick. Make sure that if you comment here, you include what your reddit username is so we can contact you there!



Dudes, nice site. Your typography is sublime. Lose the nub and ash off the ash off the H, it disrupts the style of the logo. Instead, consider using an ash texture as the fill on the word ASH. Your reviews are highly entertaining to read, and I think your first v-blog is a great start. Keep up the great work! As for the ACID line, I have an ACID from the RMCF but I haven't burned it yet. I admit that your advocacy of the line does have me quite piqued to taste it. But as you said in the video -- so many to try!


I haven't had any Acids, yet. But after hearing your thoughts on them, I'm looking forward to picking some up. Thanks for the insights. Oh, and by the way, I enjoy reading/watching you guys. Keep up the good work.


I've only had the Blondie and Kuba Kuba from Acid. The Blondie was nice, but the chemical flavor you mentioned int his review came through really strong on the last one I had, and I haven't gone back. The Kuba Kuba was a good stick, and my wife actually enjoyed that one as well (she rarely enjoys larger cigars, and really doesn't like puros, she like the Moontrance). As for the site, I like the idea of a conversation as a review. Blind reviews does the same thing, and I like seeing the actual thoughts of different people with different flavor profile likes/dislikes. I would suggest that, at the end where you give ratings, break it down a little. What exactly made you take points away, or give extra points? In this review, throughout the conversation you all state how much you like, with DL saying he liked it more. In the end, AB gave it a full point and a half deduction compared to DL. Why? He said he enjoyed the flavor, was it a construction issue? Burn issue? The flavor falling off at the end? Maybe a small blurb, 10 words or so, like "great flavor, but it went away, good construction, not great" after the rating would help?


The Windy City is a tricky stick to find if you aren't around the Lk. Michigan area. It has limited distribution and I have yet to find it online at any of the usual spots. Thankfully a B&M in town here in Holland, Michigan has em in stock regularly. I smoke them because A: they are a nice change of pace in the infused stick world and B: because they are not widely known and I finally get to smoke something many others can't get their hands on! Nice conversational review. Sounds like you had fun and enjoyed the cigar!